Our Management Team

Chairman of the Board Roland Saint-Aimie Sr. began cleaning offices as a soldier stationed at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. He started cleaning a local private office in 1988 and, in 1994, founded TJ’s. Roland managed several different businesses, which gave him the experience to start his own janitorial service company.

You can contact Roland directly at mrbusinessman54@icloud.com.

General Manager of Operations

TJ’s is looking for an individual with knowledge in building management who can bring business into the company, write contract proposals, manage business contracts, and help grow the company. Now that you understand the various levels of creativity, you can implement some strategies to boost TJ’s ability to create and innovate.

Truly creative people have developed their ability to observe and to use all of their senses. Take time to sharpen the mind and take everything in.

Innovation is based on knowledge. Therefore, you need to continually expand your knowledge base.

Janitorial building service is a complex business. What are you bringing to the table in this business?