Our Company’s Mission

Mission Statement

Provide you, our customers, with what we bring to the table. You are always first. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and to please you, our customers.

“In presenting an appealing, professional image.”

The above mission statement reflects what TJ’s is all about. Everyone knows that image is important. It stimulates recruiting efforts, sustains good business retention, and bolsters business-raising activities. We are experienced in all aspects of the janitorial business.

TJ’s fully staffed 24-hour Customer Service Department can meet all of your needs around the clock. Our highly-trained customer service staff excels in the prompt and accurate transmission of information and is your link to immediate contact. Our staff will ensure you receive a quick response to any concerns, emergencies, or additional services you may require. Our goals are top-quality service, exceptional customer support, and a positive work environment for our employees. These complimentary aims are the basis for the long-term relationships we have enjoyed with our customers and employees.

Our mission is to become the permanent provider of building maintenance services in Honolulu. Our customers are owners and managers of residential, commercial, and industrial office buildings and facilities. We will achieve this position by offering services and products that set the standard of excellence in quality and customer satisfaction. Our services include complete commercial cleaning maintenance, janitorial services, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other related services.

TJ’s provides highly qualified professional management, linked with the latest in innovative systems and dedicated support staff. Our programs are flexible and compatible with each customer’s mission, culture, and concern for employees. Most of all, top-down control has been eliminated in favor of an environment where on-site management is guided by broad policy positions and a clearly stated set of values. These values are simple—we do what the customers want, when they want it, and how they want it to be done. Everything we do is designed to partner with the customer to help build strong trustful relationships. Our managers can posture our services to meet customers’ needs. We don’t have a large bureaucracy that keeps us from acting quickly to do whatever we need. We tailor each program to meet the customers’ demands.

We offer employment to all employees at the same rates of pay. We offer benefit packages to match those provided by the customer as closely as possible, including recognizing prior service with the customer in calculating valuable time.

TJ’s unique variable pricing system allows the customer the flexibility to reduce or control costs. At the same time, we provide an efficient method to increase or furnish services beyond the scope of everyday operations with little or no notice. With this system, cost underruns for any reason accrue to the customer, not TJ’s.

TJ’s can furnish a portion of the required tools, equipment, and supplies or the entire package to include shop tools, vehicles, and landscape maintenance equipment.