About Our Company

Company History

TJ’s, formerly known as Try-Star, began modestly as a hardworking cleaning company targeting businesses from the area’s many real estate companies and department stores. In fact, the name Try-Star was created as an acronym of owner Roland Saint-Aimie Sr.’s son’s name, “Roland,” his daughter’s name, “Joye,” and “Star” from the family name. TJ’s was expanded to include new residential, construction, and make-ready cleaning, as well as commercial janitorial services. In 1999, a horizontal diversification was made to offer our expertise with state and federal government contracts to provide the best opportunity for growth to our company and other local businesses. Both areas offer the potential for substantial growth. We are now under the direction of our new management, one of the most experienced building custodial service managers in Hawaii. He served as a facilities manager in charge of custodial and security services for apartment/condominium buildings in New York City for 13 years, including Baylor Condominiums for over 10 years. He consulted for and managed some of the most prestigious properties in New York City.

Our customer base has diversified and includes office buildings, medical offices, manufacturing plants, and churches. Because of these facilities’ different cleaning requirements, we can meet the needs of a broad group. At the request of some of our customers, we have expanded our services to include garage pressure washing and managing recycling programs.

TJ’s offers a unique combination of experience and know-how in the janitorial service industry. We provide the industry with a management team that allows financial and operational decisions to be made quickly. This experience translates into satisfied customers and explains the longevity of many of our accounts.

Over the past 20 years, TJ’s has earned a reputation for putting the customer first without losing sight of the value of hiring, training, and retaining good employees. TJ’s endeavors to provide the finest building services available at cost-effective prices, put our customers’ interests first, and conduct business in an honest, forthright manner.